A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is when members pay an up-front cost to a local farm in exchange for regular pick-ups of a diverse array of produce. The up-front payments from members allow small farmers to use an influx of money when it is needed most – at the start of the season – to buy materials and hire staff for the season. 

When does it happen?

At Island Grown, we offer both a summer CSA and winter CSA, which provides vegetables and optional eggs to our community. Our summer CSA offers weekly pickups from June through October, and our winter CSA offers bi-weekly pickups from November through February. All of the produce comes from our fields or our greenhouse, even during the winter. 

How does purchasing a share impact IGI? 

Provide food for our community. Half of what we grow is immediately distributed through our Island’s Food Equity Network, which provides food to our schools, elder housing, the Food Pantry, and more. We also provide food to our Mobile Market, which accepts SNAP and HIP benefits and sells produce at reduced cost. Without our CSA program, our ability to grow and donate a high volume of food would be diminished.

Experiment with regenerative growing practices. Our primary goal is to grow food while also supporting the health of our soils. Our field team is able to learn, experiment, and develop new tools and practices that will help us efficiently grow food while building soil and capturing carbon from the atmosphere. From there, we can work with local and new farmers on developing practices based on our regenerative models

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