Regenerative Fields
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About Us
At IGI, we recognize that abundant, nutrient-dense food depends on the web of life in the soil. We are committed to experimenting with and developing new approaches to mid-scale, chemical-free, diverse agricultural production, that strengthen soil vitality and overall environmental health while producing delicious food for our community.

We are constantly experimenting with new production systems that sequester carbon, support healthy waterways, and increase biodiversity. We integrate native plants on the farm, in sections that are not well-suited to production agriculture, on field borders and in perennial hedgerows, which help support threatened and endangered native pollinator species.

Our approach utilizes:

Low- or no-tillage

Cover crops and mulches


Diverse crops in the field rotation

Grazing animals

No synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides

Please reach out with questions about our approach, or to schedule a tour.