Island Bee Company of Martha's Vineyard
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About Us
Welcome to our world! Three generations of the Colon family are on board to make this small apiary on Martha’s Vineyard thrive.

Our hives are scattered about the island farms in all 6 towns. Each jar of honey, labeled from the specific town that it was harvested. We extract many times throughout the season to bring you single source honey whose smell alone can take you back to an island summer. Ahhh…extracting in small batches, you can taste the change of seasons.

Honey is only part of our sideliner business. We thoughtfully create many other products from the amazing resources we extract from the hives. Clean skincare products, wellness potions + air purifying 100% beeswax candles.

In an effort to foster strong colonies, better suited for our island environment, we raise our own queens , are working on making our own wax foundation and building boxes, always building boxes!

Beekeeping is hard work-heavy lifting in sweaty suits on hot days while being smoked + stung sometimes. It’s a sticky business, but it is real, and a pleasure to get to work with wonderful products of such fine smell + taste.