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About Us
Gleaning is the act of gathering food that would otherwise not be sold. Farms donate crops because they don’t meet store quality standards, they grow more than they can sell, or they are not able to harvest produce in time. In those cases, Island Grown Gleaning is able to harvest large areas of ripe produce with our team of dedicated volunteers. We spend extra time removing old leaves, checking for spots, and thoughtfully distributing the food we glean. We facilitate food system education by hosting gleaning field trips for students of all ages. IGI also receives fish from the MV Striped Bass & Bluefish Derby and venison from the Venison Donation Program, a collaboration between IGI and the MV Agricultural Society.

IGI shares gleaned food with schools, senior centers, the Island Food Pantry, Serving Hands, the Wampanoag Safe Harbors Program, and IGI's prepared meals program Island Grown To-Go.